These days so much is reliant on the digital world, and music is much the same. With the ability to view music videos online, download the latest tracks, and even watch live performances, this is the area you need to target in order to get your sound out to the audience. They have to hear you if they are to love you.

Viral Videos

The likes of YouTube has made it so easy to upload videos that are viewed by millions. The trick to creating a music video that people want to watch is to make it stand out. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to do this, as long as you are perfectly portraying yourself, your music and your image. Many a music sensation saw their debut in fashion. Take Justin Bieber, for instance. He was discovered at a tender age, through an online music video posted to Youtube. Today he is a worldwide success. Make use of everything the video throws your way. Any opportunity is a chance to be recognised.


Finding the right manager for your act is vital. Seek out someone who has a mindset similar to your own, and has some influence in the industry. When it comes to music, it really is a case of who you know. Your manager should seek out opportunities that allow you to showcase your talents to your fullest advantage. Find someone who is passionate about music and isn’t in any rush to change the sound you love.

In the music industry, pretty much any publicity, bad or good, is publicity. While positive publicity is obviously the better of the two, using negative publicity in the right way can help you on your way up the ladder as well. Be fearless and relentless in your pursuit of fame.